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Welcome to Andretti FASTTRACK Xperience’s interactive classroom. Each module introduces concepts in STEAM education for middle and high school grade students with engaging content and subject matter expert interviews. Corresponding hands-on classroom lessons are included and reinforce the video content and extend the conversation.

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Episode 2:
“A Force to be Reckoned With”

Episode 2:
“Power Up!”

Episode 3: [Airing May]

“Energy to Burn”

Season 1, Episode 1

A Force to Be Reckoned With

Video at a Glance

Our debut Episode explores Newton’s Laws of Motion. Former Racecar Driver, Jeff Andretti (AFX’s co-founder) had a terrible accident over 20 years ago in the Indy 500. Follow our students as they interact with subject matter experts to learn what happened to Jeff and improvements that have been made to keep drivers safer.

Meet the Subject Matter Experts

Ashley Sanford, Top Fuel Drag Racer

Momentum is explained from the perspective of a top fuel dragster driver, Ashley Sanford. Our students interview Ashley to learn about acceleration and momentum from inside a dragster!

Bob Bielenberg, Research Engineer, Track Safety

Our expert, Bob Bielenberg, discusses Inertia and Kinetic Energy with the introduction to the construction of new safety walls at the track that assist in reducing impact and resulting injuries.

Season 1, Episode 2

Power Up!

Video at a Glance

In this video we explore energy transformations. In both racecars and street cars, the engine is what powers the car. But the power needed in a racecar is different than the power needed in your family car. Follow our students as they interact with subject matter experts to explore how the energy is transformed in the engine to power the car.

Meet the Subject Matter Experts

Steve Erikson , Professional Race Engineer

As an engineer on Indy racecars, Steve Erikson discusses how the racecar engine works, how energy is transferred inside the engine and where energy is lost.

Kyle Bentley, Engineering Manager, Vehicle Development - KMA

Kyle Bentley, the engineering manager of vehicle development for Kia Motors North America discusses the many elements that go into vehicle development and how they relate to power and energy.

Season 1, Episode 3

Energy to Burn

Video at a Glance

This video is still in production.

Meet the Subject Matter Experts

Robert Scholer, Electric / Hybrid Vehicles Manager, Product Quality - KMA

Robert brings his many years of experience with hybrid and electric vehicles (EV’s) to our FASTTRACK team. We discuss the similarities and differences between EV’s and fueled vehicles as well as alternative energy sources such as solar.

Adam Andretti, Trans-Am Series Professional Racer

Adam has raced sports cars, Indy Pro Series, NASCAR, and Stadium Super Trucks. In this episode, he shares his take on Torque vs. Horsepower and ways cars are becoming more efficient through the study of Fluid Dynamics which is the flow of liquid and gases like air.