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Together, as a donor/sponsor/partner, we will race to make STEAM education a reality to tens of thousands of students – regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, ability, geography, and religion.

Here are 3 great reasons to Partner with us and/or donate…


Help us to continuously expand our novel TEAM STEAM NATION (TSN) content that will inspire students to explore related careers. What an impact your contribution can have on the personal livelihood of students and overall competitiveness of our country!


TSN is building an information exchange of best practices to help existing STEM enhance their programs and help new ones get off the ground. Join TEAM STEAM NATION and learn the many ways we can collectively make a difference!


TSN sponsors have the opportunity to repeatedly place their brand in front of a captive audience of students, families, teachers and the local community, grade by grade, year after year! Through strategic partnerships TSN has access to over 60 million K-12 students in 100,000 public schools, 5 million educators and 1 million homeschooled students.

Brand Integration

Sponsors have the option to place their subject matter experts in AFX videos creating an even stronger bond with the students. What a great way to create a loyal fanbase!

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