Andretti FASTTRACK Xperience The Challenge & AFX's Solution

3 Generations of Andretti SUPPORTING STEAM

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The Challenge

There are countless programs but, yet studies show many young students are either bored with STEM programs and/or can’t relate them to the real world - their world!

According to Alan Stukalsky, Chief Digital Officer for Randstad North America, “The term ‘STEM’ needs a rebrand and awareness campaign to get the next generation of talent excited about pursuing these careers”

Exasperating the problem is the fact that many students don’t have access to STEM programs due to geographic or socio-economic limitations. The result is a huge shortfall in STEM employment recruitment.

The AFX Solution

To address this challenge Team Steam Nation (TSN), a 501 (c) (3) non-profit dedicated to STEAM* education, created Andretti FASTTRACK Xperience... A state-of-the-art STEAM model that uses thoroughly engaging content to inspire students to explore STEAM education and careers

TSN & AFX, the inspiration of Jeff Andretti, son of racing legend Mario Andretti and former Indy Car driver believes the families successes were built upon the use of STEAM in many aspects of their winning motorsport cars; from aerodynamic design to sophisticated engines; and they are giving back. They realize the profound impact STEAM can have on students, once made aware of their own unique abilities and taught how to apply them in rewarding careers.


AFX Exists to Transform STEAM Learning By;

1. Creating compelling content that truly excites and engages students in ways that inspire them to explore STEAM education and careers

2. Fostering strategic partnerships among educators, parents, industry, and community

3. Providing an online ecosystem of best practices to accelerate STEAM learning and innovation

Our Vision

The impact AFX will have moving forward:

Tens of Thousands of children will have the ability to discover and develop their own unique STEAM potential and career, regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, ability, geography, and religion

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