Student Engagement AFX LIVE EXHIBITION

Jeff Andretti

State Of The Art Interactive. Engaging. Fun.

AFX “Live Events" utilize hands-on learning to reinforce STEAM principals taught in the classroom. AFX Live Events include a series of interactive displays and videos which illustrate and reinforce STEAM concepts demonstrated via the Motion Sphere and Wind Tunnel.


An Introduction to STEAM

AFX activities, presented by high school student volunteers, get the conversation started and provide insight into the world of STEAM. How can what these impressionable students are seeing at the Live event be applied in the real world?

Motion Sphere Xperience

Ride along with Mario Andretti

AFX's state of the art 15' diameter 3D simulation dome. Students can ride along with Mario Andretti, experiencing what they are learning, illustrating traction, down-force, and drag in a way that thoroughly engages them and strongly reinforces the classroom episodes.


How will you apply forces in real life?

Our table top Wind Tunnel illustrates how elements such as wind can impact a race car’s performance. Prior to the event select students are able to design and 3D print their own cars and see first hand how aerodynamically efficient they are in the wind tunnel.

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